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When you aren't showing off your Snarklets to your friends, we recommend keeping your jewelry in the plastic bag included with shipping to minimize any changes that may naturally occur over time. Keep the anti-tarnish square that ships with brass and copper Snarklets in the bag, too.


Over time, copper can transform from bright and shiny to a more aged appearance.  This characteristic is unique to copper and is completely natural and some even prefer copper as it goes through the patina process.  For those who don't, you can keep your copper Snarklet shiny and new by using lemon juice.  Simply squeeze lemon juice onto a paper towel or soft cloth and use to clean the Snarklet.  Rinse it off and dry it thoroughly and polish with the shammy cloth included with your Snarklet.


For brass Snarklets, use ketchup.  That's right!  Bang that 57! Rub some ketchup on your Snarklet with your finger.  Let it sit for a couple of minutes.  Rinse, thoroughly dry, and polish with your shammy.


For aluminum and stainless steel, simply wash with dish soap and warm water to remove smudges.  Do not submerge in water. Rinse and dry thoroughly and polish with shammy cloth.

Please do not expose your leather items to heat or abrasive products.  Do not soak or allow long periods of contact with water or sweat.  With use, leather will take in colors, scratches, and patina as part of its amazing properties.