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care instructions

When you aren't showing off your Snarklets to your friends, we recommend keeping your jewelry in the plastic bag included with shipping to minimize any changes that may naturally occur over time. Keep the anti-tarnish square that ships with brass and copper Snarklets in the bag, too.


Over time, copper can transform from bright and shiny to a more aged appearance.  This characteristic is unique to copper and is completely natural and some even prefer copper as it goes through the patina process.  For those who don't, you can keep your copper Snarklet shiny and new by using lemon juice.  Simply squeeze lemon juice onto a paper towel or soft cloth and use to clean the Snarklet.  Rinse it off and dry it thoroughly and polish with the shammy cloth included with your Snarklet.


For brass Snarklets, use ketchup.  That's right!  Bang that 57! Rub some ketchup on your Snarklet with your finger.  Let it sit for a couple of minutes.  Rinse, thoroughly dry, and polish with your shammy.


For aluminum and stainless steel, simply wash with dish soap and warm water to remove smudges.  Do not submerge in water. Rinse and dry thoroughly and polish with shammy cloth.

Please do not expose your leather items to heat or abrasive products.  Do not soak or allow long periods of contact with water or sweat.  With use, leather will take in colors, scratches, and patina as part of its amazing properties.


Frequently asked questions

Can you stamp special characters on a Snarklet?

Absolutely! See the below for current characters available for metal Snarklets and feel free to reach out if you don't see a character you'd like included in your order as we are constantly updating our inventory of stamps and will do our best to meet your requests. Stainless steel Snarklets can be stamped with the following design stamps:

Is there a limit to the number of characters you can stamp on a Snarklet?

Metal Snarklets (aluminum, brass, or copper) have a maximum of 25 characters per side (inside/outside) Stainless Steel Snarklets have a maximum of 25 characters per side (outside only) Metal/Leather combination Snarklets have different character limitations based on which font you choose. For the half pint font, we can fit 25 characters per line with a 2 line maximum for 50 total characters. For all other fonts, we can fit 18 characters (one line only) Bolo bracelets can fit 10-12 characters per side depending on font.

What size is a Snarklet bracelet?

Metal and Stainless Steel Snarklets are 6"L x 1/4"W x 1mm thick. Stainless steel weighs 12g, aluminum weighs 3g, copper weighs 9g. They are adjustable when wearing on your wrist by simply squeezing from the top of the bracelet with the curve of your hand (between your thumb and finger). Leather/Metal combination Snarklets sizes include XS (6"), S (7"), M (8"), L (9"), XL (10") and are approximately 3"W x 3/8"H aluminum on 1/2"W leather. To size, measure around your wrist and add 1" to allow for the snaps.

How are Snarklets made?

Metal Snarklets are made by individually hand stamping each letter/symbol and then edges are finished by hand sanding. If requested, black enamel is applied to make the letters "pop". The Snarklet is then bent by hand, hand polished and packaged. Leather Snarklets are made by individually hand stamping each letter/symbol and then edges are finished with edge kote. Two antique copper snaps are applied by hand and packaged. All material sourced in the USA

What is your return/refund policy?

If you have any issues or concerns with your order, please contact us at and we'll be happy to discuss.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Your Snarklet will ship via USPS within 7-10 business days from your order date.

Can you stamp numbers on a Snarklet?

Of course! We love stamping special dates or coordinates on Snarklets and can stamp any combination of numbers 0-9.

How are Snarklets packaged?

Snarklets will arrive ready for gift giving - complete with cotton drawstring pouch. Metal snarklets include cleaning cloth, anti-tarnish square (for brass and copper) and cellophane bag for storing away from the elements!

Are Snarklets nickel free?


How many different materials are available?

Snarklets are available in metal (copper, brass or aluminum), leather/metal combinations (black leather/aluminum, black leather/copper, brown leather/copper), stainless steel (silver, black, gold, rose gold), and stainless steel bolo bracelets (silver or rose gold color). Circle pendants are available in stainless steel or pewter. Pocket tokens are pewter. Bottle openers are stainless steel. Wallet cards are aluminum. Pet ID Collar Tags are aluminum. Stethoscope tags are available in aluminum.

What do Snarklets look like with and without enamel?

Enamel available on metal Snarklets only