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Inhale Mantra, Exhale Strength.

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There are lots of jewelry products out there designed with motivational words and quotes - mantra bracelets and necklaces with sayings like "it is what it is" and "find joy in the journey". That's lovely, really.


But, some of us need a bit more "umph" to carry our load. A little tough love to power us through our day. A snarky kick in the pants that only our best friends, sisters and brothers would dare give us. A motivator that tells us to stop wishing and start working.


Do something, you magical unicorn! And when you fail, roll back your shoulders, stick out your chin, repeat your mantra, and carry on.


That's life.

That's reality.

That's the spirit of Snarklets.

Bracelets hand stamped with mantras for real life.

Snarklets metal stamps spell "snark"

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“All I can say is I am a mother of 7 (4 boys, 3 girls). Snarklets make me smile and that is PRICELESS in this moms book. I get pissed..then smile...I cry... then I smile. All of us do, and these little whips on the wrists make me smile."



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