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The beauty in this is that she does not fail. She learns. She keeps moving until she's satisfied with the outcome...
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3 Lessons from Our Mom

We've come to the realization that our mom is the reason we have a "we've got this" approach to Life. Our sister may have been the inspiration to start Snarklets, but our mother......our mother is the reason we're able to roll our shoulders back and carry on.  With Mother's Day around the corner, now seems like the perfect time to share three lessons she's taught us over the years.

1. Siempre famiglia - family forever

Family sticks together. Family helps out.

Seems simple enough, right? She takes it to the next level.  You see, not only does she maintain real relationships with all of the blood relatives, but she also has an extended family of friends. Her friends are our aunts and uncles. Their children are our cousins. She counts every single one of them as a blessing. So do we.

Here's the key: traditions.  Our mother has kept many family traditions alive and taught us to do the same. No excuses. No mercy. If she can do it, we can do it. People, food, and music. That's how you keep the family together. Sounds like an Olive Garden commercial, but it's true. 

2. Always ask for help when you need it

Our mother has always been there to help us with school, jobs, relationships, etc.  She passed resumes and made phone calls when we were looking for jobs. She rallied the troops to move us when we bought homes. She lived with us for a week when our children were born. She watches our children without batting an eye. She never enabled us, though. 

We were always taught to work for what we want. Want to take dance classes - assistant teach to pay for one of your classes. Want a car - get a job to pay for your gas and insurance. Have your sights set on that college - better get good grades for a scholarship. So we learned to work for what we want knowing we can always go to her for help along the way or in a pinch. Parenting magic, right there.

3. Make it work

She makes it look so easy. She's always put together earrings to shoes. Her home is spotless. She enters the room with a smile and a kiss, and can start a conversation with a stranger like they're old pals.  We know her secret. She keeps moving. (Not houses, though that's a good inside joke!) She's like a chess player in the game of life. When things start going in a direction different than she planned, she regroups, strategizes, and comes up with a new path.

Planning is her strategy.  She doesn't wait until her chances are taken away. 

The beauty in this is that she does not fail. She learns. She keeps moving until she's satisfied with the outcome - and always within her means and life situation. We've seen her paint on just about everything to match her décor rather than buy something new. And she isn't putting lipstick on a pig or icing on a shit cake - she's bringing her "extra" to the ordinary. 

Mommy, if you're reading this, thank you. Thank you for all of your hard work and all of your unconditional love. We love you more. Happy Mother's Day! This is your gift. Just kidding. 

What's a lesson your mother taught you? 

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