Cuss Words & Courage

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As sisters and friends, we’ve lived our lives together. We’ve watched each other grow and evolve over the past 40 something years, and we’ve laughed our asses off most of the time. But something has changed. Maybe it’s a new level of respect. Maybe it’s a feeling of “I knew you could do it but holy shit I can’t believe you just did that.” Awe? Maybe. Perhaps it’s awe at how the little girls that sang “I got a nickel shiny and new” on the swings are now brave badass women. Or perhaps it’s awe at how two women can look each other in the eyes and say “I know what you mean” without speaking a word. It’s probably all those things and more. One thing is for sure: if one of us were ever to say to the other “this too shall pass” or “it is what it is”, someone is going to get the side eye. That’s just not how we roll. Not anymore.

Last Fall, our sister, JoJo, was on hospice. JoJo fought like a warrior. Always. Not only in the last weeks of her life, but throughout her entire life. She was a woman of action. She didn’t use words like ‘this too shall pass.’ She rose to the occasion. She was the strongest person we’ve known. She loved with humor. She loved with snark. She’d say “you have to laugh”, roll her eyes, and come up with a plan. She demonstrated bravery and courage. She inspired us to rise and fight. Through watching her, we learned about facing fears and taking action.

She’s the reason we started Snarklets. We wanted to come up with a way to give people the words to push through, rise, and fight. Do something!! If you fail, roll back your shoulders, stick out your chin, repeat your mantra, and carry on. Stop wishing. Start working. Get your shit together. Find your freedom. Demand what you deserve. Inhale mantra and exhale strength.

We carry her love with us. We carry her courage with us. We honor her memory by honoring ourselves and each other.

We’ve become advocates for each other.That’s just it.We’re advocates now. Champions. Spokespeople. Crusaders. Fighters. There is a shift from saying “I love you” to saying “I love you. I’m coming with you.” There is a shift from saying” you’ve got this to saying “you’ve got this. I’ll be there in five minutes to help.” There is a shift from saying “what are you going to do?” to saying “what are we going to do?” We actively support each other, our children, our family, our friends, and ourselves. That’s what sisters and friends do.

That’s love. That’s the spirit of our sister. That’s the spirit of a Snarklet.


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