Get Your Shit Together

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

This is how it started.

We were in the car together, driving to visit our sister in the hospital. It wasn't the first time we'd done that, but the energy was different. We were more nervous than usual. We were quiet. That's a rare occasion. Pensive? Perhaps.

You know that moment when you know that you have to do something, but you have no idea what it is? We're not talking about forgetting to unplug the iron or pay a bill. We're talking about when you know that it is going to be necessary for you to take action, to speak up, to help, to fight, but you're not sure how or when or exactly why. That feeling. That's the kind of energy that was in that car. There's a fight or flight instinct that kicks in. Turning the car around and hiding wasn't an option. Flight? Nope. Fight? Fight. A storm was coming. We were going in. We knew it.

At some point during that 20 minute ride, we looked down at the "i love you more" mantra bracelets we were both wearing. Our parents had given them to us and we loved them but we needed something more. Jen looked down at the words and said, "We need bracelets that say get your shit together." We laughed for a minute and then we agreed that we really did need that bracelet. "What if we made them? What would we call them? Snarklets. Snarky bracelets. Yes!" More laughter. We started chatting about some other sayings and laughed some more, distracted, clearing away some of that nervous energy.

We told Jo about our idea. She snorked and cracked up. She loved it. We all laughed some more in the hospital. We do that a lot....laugh at the most inappropriate times. Some times hospital staff were annoyed by us, but most of the time they wanted to hang out and chuckle with us. You have to laugh, after all.

We digress.

Fast forward to Jo back in the hospital a few months later. She decided she wanted a Snarklet that said "too close" so that when doctors and nurses were harassing her she could hold up her wrist and show them her bracelet as if to say "if you're reading this you're too close."

Fast forward to Jo in hospice. The three of us were together in her room. She said to us, "we had so many good ideas, and we never did anything."

Fast forward to January 2018. That statement about us not doing anything was nagging at us. We decided to go for it. We decided to bring our idea, infused with Jo's spirit, to life. We taught ourselves how to make hand stamped bracelets. We taught ourselves how to build a website. We started this business in honor of our beautiful sister.

Do we have our shit together? Sometimes. Who has it together all the time, though?

When we wear our "get your shit together" Snarklet, we're pushed to make a move, we're reminded of the reason and spirit in which we started this business, and we know we're capable. We know we've had the courage to stand up and fight. We know we can do it again, stronger together.

EVERY SNARKLET HAS A STORY. Get your shit together is what started it all. Just everything was inspired by our interaction with a bank rep. Too close - that's for JoJo.

What's the story behind your Snarklets? We're starting a new series - Snarklets Stories - to share the snarky, hilarious, moving, and empowering meanings behind the Snarklets we stamp. Send us an email at and share your story and a pic of your Snarklets. You could be featured on our blog and social media pages.

We can't wait to hear from you!

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