Getting to Know You

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

We're sisters, bffs, and business partners. You’d think we know everything about each other. Not so. We had some fun together with Cocktail Table Topics from, and we learned a bit more. We thought this would be a fun way for us to connect with our customers. Read on for a chuckle.

Table Topic Question: What’s your motto?

Sara: *stares at Jen* This is how I act at cocktail parties. I stare blankly at people. My motto? Under Construction.

Jen: Run Fall Rise

TT: If you could only drink one cocktail for the rest of your life what would it be? Sara: Beer (Reader, her eyes light up when she sees a bottle of Bulleit bourbon.)

Jen: Tito’s vodka with seltzer and lime

TT: What were your favorite bands in high school?

Sara: Bon Jovi, Whitesnake, and Harry Connick, Jr.

Jen: You sang a bunch of Harry for me when I was crying. Performed, really! Belted!I'm going to have to say Bon Jovi, Bon Jovi, and Bon Jovi.

TT: What’s your favorite movie from your teen years?

Sara: Can’t Buy Me Love and Stand By Me

Jen: The Breakfast Club, even though I’ve only seen the TBS version. Flip you!

TT: If you could be a contestant on any game show which would you choose?

Sara: Family Feud

Jen: Press Your Luck. No whammies!!

TT: If you could break your craving for one thing what would it be?

Sara: Beer

Jen: Cheese

TT: Which celebrity would you like to see at your local bar?

Sara: Melissa McCarthy

Jen: Melissa McCarthy

TT: Who’s your favorite author?

Sara: I don’t have one.

Jen: *GASP!* Mine is Penny Reid.

TT: What was your favorite house to go to when you were growing up?

Sara: Auntie’s!

Jen: Auntie’s!

TT: Which cocktail will you never drink again?

Sara: Kamikaze shots

Jen: 99 Bananas. And anything with cinnamon.

TT: Do you have a good luck charm?

Sara: Our three fish/ trinity knot keychain

Jen: Same

TT: What’s the best meal your mom cooks?

Sara: I love her lasagna, but I’m going with her eggplant parmesan.

Jen: Chicken cutlets, mashed potatoes, corn, and salad.

TT: What’s the funniest advice your mother gave you?

Sara: A turtleneck with a vest is always a go-to!

Jen: Wear two pair of underwear with white pants!!

Sara: I’m dying.

Jen: I called you right away. I rolled off the couch I was laughing so hard.

**See more of what we’ve learned from our mom here.

TT: Which moment do you draw on when you want to feel strong?

Jen: Any time I’ve spoken up for someone.

Sara: Motherhood, which also makes me feel weak and tired.

Jen: True!

There you go. We hope that was more fun than reading our resumes. We’d love to read your responses to these questions in the comments!

Now who else is singing “Getting to Know You” by Julie Andrews?

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